Creating An Issue

You’ve noticed that there is a problem with FreeTube and you’d like to let the team know about it. We use GitHub for submitting issues and from there we can properly handle the issue you may have.

NOTE: Please do not use email as a method of reporting a problem. We can’t always respond to emails and using email prevents anyone else in the community from seeing it and possibly fixing it. Creating an issue on GitHub is the best place to report it.

Before creating an issue, please do the following:

  • Update your app. Are you running the latest version of FreeTube?
  • Check out the list of common issues. Follow the instructions there if applicable
  • Check to see if someone has already created an issue about the problem you’re experiencing. GitHub provides a search functionality that should be taken advantage of. Duplicate issues takes time away from the team and clutters our list of issues.

Once the above is done, you can head over to the GitHub Issues section of the project and create a new issue. Obviously you will need to have a GitHub account in order to create one.

When you’re submitting your issue, try to add as much detail as possible. We have added templates to GitHub that asks a few questions while you’re submitting the issue. Please read through this and answer the questions as you go through it. Please do not delete these questions as they really do help out out when it comes to solving your problem.

Once submitted, someone from the team / community will respond when we have the time / information to answer the question. Everyone is working in their spare time so please do not get discouraged if no one answers your question right away.

When the issue has been resolved, we will close the ticket. If the issue involved a code fix, the fix will be included in the next release of FreeTube. Alternatively, you can install a nightly build to get the fix right away.