Matrix Channel

Those in the FreeTube community are invited to come and join our Matrix chatroom.

Matrix is an open protocol for secure and decentralized communication. Matrix is similar to an IRC chatroom but also includes features like avatars, images, and end-to-end encryption. Email is optional when registering.

In the same way as there are several different web browsers that can access the web, there are also several different applications that can access Matrix.

The official application is Element, which runs on pretty much all computers, phones, and web browsers. You can download Element either from its website, or on F-Droid, or possibly also element-desktop from your system’s package manager.

Once you have an account, you can join the chatroom here.


  • Please help others out if you’re able to. Unfortunately we do not have time to always answer someone’s question(s).
  • Please don’t beg to become a moderator. That’s a good way a ruining your chances of us picking you.
  • If you become a moderator and complaints rise about abuse of moderation, we will revoke your moderator status.
  • Please follow the rules.


  • We can change and edit these rules as we need to.
  • English only please. It is harder to communicate with others when a language barrier is in effect.
  • Please keep the discussion related to FreeTube. General privacy discussion is also okay, but if it starts to become a heated debate, consider continuing the debate in a different chatroom for the sake of the other users.
  • Do not ask for anyone’s personal information. This is a privacy focused community and we should respect each other’s privacy.
  • Please act appropriately. We’d rather not write out a large list of do’s and don’ts. You should know what that includes. If another user asks you to stop doing something, you should stop.
  • If you are ever unsure of something, feel free to PM one of the members of the team.