Downloading Videos

FreeTube provides a basic feature that allows you to download videos. You can find the download button while viewing a video and from there you will be given a range of download links.

Types of Files

In this list of files, you’ll notice the quality level and the frame rate of the video. You’ll also notice that a majority of these files is either video only or audio only. This is because of how YouTube structures their videos (Please see the Video Formats page for more information). If you’d like a video to also include audio, you’ll have to download a file that does not include the video only or audio only suffix in the name.

Typically located at the bottom of the list, you’ll also notice that you can download the available captions for a video as well.

Downloading a Video

When you click on a link in the download list, FreeTube actually won’t download a video. Instead, FreeTube will open up that file into your default web browser. This is done to save some development time on our end as we would have to create a new page to handle the downloads. Letting your browser handle it instead saves us time.

Once it’s opened in your browser, you can right click and click on Save Page As in the pop-up menu to pick where you’d like to save your video.