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Keyboard Shortcuts

FreeTube features a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use while watching videos. The current list is available keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

Key Function
Space Bar or K Play / Pause video
J Rewind 10 seconds
L Forward 10 seconds
F Enter / Exit Fullscreen
M Mute / Unmute volume
C Turn subtitles on / off
O Decrease video speed by 0.25x
P Increase video speed by 0.25x
Up Arrow Increase Volume
Down Arrow Decrease Volume
Left Arrow Rewind 5 Seconds
Right Arrow Forward 5 Seconds
0-9 Skip through video by percentage (Ex: 3 key to skip through 30% of a video)
Alt + D Focus on the search bar

If you’d like to see even more keyboard shortcuts, consider creating a feature request.