A planned feature for the future of FreeTube is the ability to create playlists. Once this has been finished, we will add more information to this page to explain more about how the feature works.

Note: This feature is different from being able to view and play playlists directly from YouTube. This functionality is already supported within FreeTube

Saving Videos

While playlists is being worked on, we’ve included a simple feature that allows you to save a list of videos where you can go back and view them as you see fit. Clicking on the little star in the top right corner of a video thumbnail to save that video. If you’re watching a video, the star will be located below the like bar.

Once a video has been saved, you can find your saved video in the Playlists tab.

When playlists are fully implemented, any video you save to your list beforehand will be migrated over to a playlist titles “Favorites”.