FreeTube allows you to use the Tor network as a proxy to make API calls to YouTube. This can be enabled through the settings page on FreeTube. You must have a Tor client up and running in order to use this feature.

For all systems, make sure that your Tor session is running on default settings using for the IP and 9050 for the port.


Go to the Tor Project’s download page and download the expert bundle for Windows. Extract the Tor folder and move it to your desktop (this is important so FreeTube can find the folder). Open up Tor.exe as an administrator and a Tor session should be created.


Run the following command to install Tor. (Requires Homebrew)

brew install tor

Once installed, start a Tor session with the tor command.


Install tor through your preferred package manager. For example, on Debian or Ubuntu, you will input this command.

sudo apt install tor

A Tor session should start automatically upon installation. If it does not, you can start a Tor session with this command.

/usr/bin/tor --RunAsDaemon 1