A more powerful feature of FreeTube is the ability to create subscription profiles. Subscription profiles allow you to categorize your subscription list into more focused lists so that your subscription feed only shows a certain group of channels.

Creating / using a profile does not effect your history list or saved videos. Profiles only change functionality and visibility within the subscriptions feed page.

By default, you’ll have one profile named “All Channels”. This profile can be renamed however it cannot be deleted. Any channel you add to a different profile will automatically be added to this profile.

Creating a New Profile

Click on the profile icon in the top right of the FreeTube application. From there, click on the settings icon in the dropdown menu that shows up. Alternatively, you can go to the settings page, down to the “Data Settings” section, and click on Manage Subscriptions. You will then be taken to the profile manager.

In the profile manager, you will see every profile that is currently created. Clicking on the Create New Profile button will give you a small form to fill out for a new profile. Fill out the form by giving the profile a name and a color. You can choose one of the pre-selected colors or pick a custom one.

Switching Profiles

To switch to a new profile, click on the profile icon in the top right. From there you will see every profile you have created, click on that profile to switch to that profile.

While in a new profile, your subscription feed will only show videos in that profile (or nothing if your profile is currently empty). Channel / video pages will show as if you are not subscribed to that channel, even if that channel is included in another profile.

Adding Channels to Your Profile

Adding a channel to a new profile is the same as subscribing to a channel. Go to that channel’s page (or a video that the channel created) while your desired profile is active and click on the “Subscribe” button on that page. That channel will then be added to your profile. If that channel isn’t in your “All Channels” profile, then FreeTube will automatically add that channel there as well.

If you have multiple channels in your “All Channels” profile that you’d like to add to your new profile, you can go back to your subscription manager and click on the profile you just created. Once there, you can scroll down to see every channel in your “All Channels” profile. You can selectively click on which channel you’d like to transfer over. Once selected, click on the “Add Selected To Profile” button.

Deleting Channels from a Profile

Removing a channel from a profile is simply the opposite of adding that subscription. Clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button on a channel page will remove that channel from your profile. If you open up your profile in the profile manager, you will be able to bulk select and delete channels from your profile.

NOTE: If you unsubscribe or delete a channel from your “All Channels” profile, then that channel will be removed from all profiles that included that channel. Be careful when deleting channels from “All Channels” if you have a complicated setup.